Museum exhibition designer Simon Morris

300+ museum exhibition design + lighting design projects across the globe and @home.

exhibition lighting design

From concept to completion

I undertake each element of a museum exhibition project, from the design concept stage,
lighting, supervision of manufacture, to the final flourish of completion.

museum masterplanning


Working with you, in a team environment, we assess every facet of your museum. Together we develop and enhance core objectives creating a comprehensive, strategic and successful master plan.

museum exhibition concept design

Museum concept design

With a multidisciplinary team of professionals we brainstorm contemporary museum ideas and cutting-edge, sustainable technology to create unique museum design concepts that inspire and wow.

heritage funding museum exhibit design

Heritage Lottery funding

With a 100% success rate with Heritage Lottery Funding applications, We offer museum design workshops to bring focus on the crucial elements. In addition we can make sure your museum design project ticks all the right boxes.

museum exhibition design

Museum exhibition design

Over the past 20 years I have been working as a museum exhibition designer across the globe, specialising in museum exhibition design, visitor centres, museum lighting design and sustainable design solutions.

museum exhibition showcase design

Museum showcase design

Alongside the core museum exhibition design services, I also deliver museum showcase design and museum display case solutions. These sustainable display solutions are seamlessly woven into travelling (touring) and permanent museum exhibition design projects.

museum art gallery lighting design

Museum exhibition lighting design

Throughout my career I have provided comprehensive lighting design services for both local & international museums, art galleries, property developments, historic buildings, touring exhibitions, hotel interiors, retail and residential clients.

interpretation design

Interpretation design

By thinking slightly outside the box, I peruse new and alternative ways to connect audiences with layers of information and objects. My goal is to achieve a unique and memorable method to educate, entertain and inspire.

museum interior design

Museum interior design

Museum exhibition interior design is coherent balance of aesthetic and creative flair which expands design limitations to maximise space, effect and visitor experience.

museum graphic design

Museum graphic design

I design forward-looking comprehensive museum exhibition graphics and museum branding creating sustainable museum graphic design solutions that communicate with the audience and convey function, flexibility and flair.