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Exhibition Design

Exhibition design company delivering creative exhibition design solutions for corporate clients, museums, art galleries, private collectors and visitor centers. Dedicated to deliver a comprehensive design service, from conception to completion and to the highest aesthetic standard.

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Museum Design

With an award winning in-house team of museum designers we merge interpretation, original ideas and cutting-edge technologies. This methodology allows us to create exhibition environments and visitor spaces that connect with their audience in an inspiring and engaging way.

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Lighting Design

The mission of our lighting designers is to implement aesthetics, function and flexibility. By adopting this design thinking we transform inspirational lighting concepts into detailed technical specifications. From museum and art gallery lighting to prominent architectural lighting schemes, our service proves unparalleled.

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We undertake each element of a museum exhibition design project.

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Working with you, in a team environment, we assess every facet of your museum. Together we develop a long-term plan and enhance key objectives. We have mastered a multi-disciplinary proficiency in exhibition design, interpretation and also visitor design experiences. Our museum designers have the expert ability to deliver a forward-looking museum master-plan.

Furthermore, we champion strategic and sustainable master planning by developing memorable visitor experiences and exhibitions for world cultural and heritage landmarks, pavilions and museums.

Our design philosophy is to deliver a strategic museum vision that embraces the very best elements of museums from across the globe whilst taking it to a next level of display and interpretation. We push the envelope by not following the creative norm whilst sparking exciting new ways to unfold stories.

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Museum Concept Design

With a team of creative professionals we brainstorm contemporary museum design ideas and museum concepts. In addition, our conceptual museum strategies embrace cutting-edge sustainable design technologies and comprehensive research, in addition to many other essential ingredients.

Our designers have worked on an array of museum and art gallery concepts, both national and international. Thinking slightly outside the box, we showcase our initial designs in an accessible method by using large scale 3D museum models. This design methodology allows people and stake holders to connect with the museum concept on various levels thus to fully understand what will be delivered.

Our design team work with your project team to provide comprehensive services that are evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary. We create museum environments that are exciting, playful, thought provoking, communicative as well as educational as a result.

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Museum Exhibition Lighting

With the latest technology in lighting design and conservation techniques, we light private and famous art collections for museums and art galleries, to an esteemed aesthetic standard.

We advise and design conservation lighting to protect artifacts from light damage due to over exposure of UV and infrared light. Through next generation LED lighting design and light controls, our conservation lighting consequently transforms gallery spaces in to a cool and safe oasis. As a result, all art and historical objects therefore can be viewed in their entire beauty without risk.

The importance of high quality lighting cannot be overstated. Lighting transforms and creates such emotional and psychical response to everyday environments we live in. It is vital to get the lighting design right from the beginning.

From conceptual to fully documented museum lighting schemes, our passion is to deliver an unparalleled lighting design service that focuses on achieving the best possible lighting design solutions for you or your organisation.

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Museum Exhibition Design

Over the past 20+ years we have been working as international museum exhibition designers with particular expertise in exhibition design, museum design as well as lighting design.
We continually evolve our exhibition designs whilst ensuring that our solutions embrace the latest design technologies along with environmentally friendly design requirements.

As a result, our expert experience in exhibition design allows us to apply innovation and creativity through the entire design process. Above all, our museum exhibition designs stimulate all senses thus subsequently attaining the attention span of the visitor for longer.

Clear communication between all interested parties and stakeholders is indispensable to deliver a project on time, in budget and to surpass expectation.

Our clients tell us we are known for displaying objects with that delicate touch whilst creating aesthetically pleasing exhibition environments.

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 Museum Showcase Design

In conjunction with our core museum exhibition design services, we also provide museum showcase design and museum display case solutions. We seamlessly wave these sustainable display solutions into traveling and permanent museum projects.

Whether your design brief necessitates glass or acrylic display cases, our consultants can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages to achieve the most flexible design solutions.

Even the world’s best known and largest display case manufactures will use our design services when you ask them for something special or bespoke. Our designs for showcases incorporate micro-climate controls, virtually invisible shelf supports, LED and fibre optic lighting along with a plethora of other unique options.

Our goal is to deliver a museum exhibition display solution that almost entirely disappears from vision. As a result we aim to achieve the ultimate Holy Grail of museum exhibition display solutions.

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Museum Interior Design

Museum interior design is coherent equilibrium of aesthetic and creative talent. We therefore expand design limitations to maximise space, effect and consequently overall public experience.

The mission of our museum designers is to create a flexible, well-designed and purposeful interior environment that enhances the space whilst generating an individualistic atmosphere.

Museum interiors are not just about aesthetic and educational design. Our museum interiors create efficient visitor flows which furthermore can reduce visitor fatigue by 20%. Additionally we are able to increase revenue by up to 25% and ease congestion at peak times by 45%. We are also developing energy-saving measures where visitors will directly help to reduce running costs without them even knowing.

We are devoted to deliver great interior spaces for museums, cultural centres, exhibitions as well as visitor centres. From conceptual ideas through to the final finesse, our professional services have proven to be invaluable to our clients.

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Museum Graphic Design

The suitable framework for designing graphics for museums, exhibitions or art galleries, is integrating positive and clear communication. By developing innovative graphics, we invite and provoke the visitor whilst delivering a concrete strategic message.

Museum exhibition graphics should instantaneously attract the eye whilst captivating its audience to explore beyond the artifact on display.

Additionally, we bring to the museum and exhibition table much more than just graphics. One example is the placement of graphics and text labels as well as signage and way-finding. We think this is a much underestimated science. By integrating correct orientation and placement; the visitor fatigue can be reduced dramatically and thereby increasing information retention.

We are passionate about designing with the future in mind. For that reason, our museum graphics and exhibition displays are Eco-friendly with minimum impact on its environment.

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Heritage Lottery Funding

It is now more difficult than ever to get HLF approval for heritage and cultural projects. Therefore it is important to understand the process fully before spending valuable resources by embarking down a costly road that might not deliver.

With a 100% success rate with stage 1 and 2 Heritage Lottery funding applications, we offer supportive museum design workshops. These workshops bring a proficient focus on the crucial elements of your application. Our HLF museum workshops therefore operate onsite and in a flexible environment. Furthermore the workshops are also tailored to benefit all involved parties. Now in their eight year, these cost effective workshops have delivered great results. As a result, these think-thank workshops are popular with museum staff and interested stakeholders alike.

If you are on the starting line of applying for Heritage Lottery Funding then speak with our team first. We will give your application or grant the very best opportunity of success.