Art Lighting The Moons Trick Exhibition

Art Lighting Design for Young In Hong : The Moon’s Trick Exhibition


We worked with the Korean Culture Centre UK in London on Young in Hong’s first solo exhibition in the UK. The exhibition embraces a selection of embroidery works, sound installation as well as performance. These exquisite embroidery pieces were presented as the central point of this art exhibition. Young In Hong named her exhibition The Moon’s Trick, which from one of Soo-Young Kim’s early poems.

It was decided to explore at different styles of contemporary art lighting design for South Korean artist, Young In Hong. The curator envisaged uniformly spread lighting across the art gallery walls.

an exploration about the relationship between image and sound via ‘photo-scores’ was performed at the opening event 

After conceptual ideas and in-depth research, our team explored the idea of using various lengths of LED battens that spread the light 120 degrees. Furthermore, these proved to be more effective at spreading the light than anything tested earlier. These LED battens could also be purchased at 6000K (a very cool white light) which the curator thought perfect and at less than a 10% of the cost of the wall washing fittings. Further lighting skills adopted for this project can be explored here> Portfolio: The Moon’s Trick Exhibition.

You can see the finishing result in the exhibition photos below. The live performance of Hong’s exploration about the relationship between image and sound via ‘photo-scores’ was performed at the opening and a true delight for the senses.


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