Lighting Design Art Gallery – Artist of the Year Exhibition 2016

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Our gallery lighting design experts have been working hard on the lighting at the Korean Cultural Centre located in London City.

The newest contemporary art exhibition “Riptide” presents Koo Jeong A, the Korean Cultural Artist of the Year. Koo Jeong A exhibits her work in collaboration with a creative group of renowned artists. The seven international artists each had specific lighting design requirements and conditions for their distinctive art installations. Previous this exhibition, our lighting designers have been working with the exhibitions curatorial crew to up upgrade and retro fit LED lighting design into their London art galleries.

The present exhibition offered a unique opportunity for our lighting design team to put the new gallery lighting improvements to the test.

Furthermore, the prior art exhibition had presented the ideal opportunity for our lighting designers to demonstrate and illuminate to the client various lighting design improvements. For example: that the initial art gallery track lighting with retail spot lights (light fixtures) were inadequate to the task.

The original lighting design art gallery system was installed by an electrical contractor with no comprehension of how to light artwork successfully. Our lighting designers proposed gradual lighting scheme enhancements to complement each new art exhibition.

Great Lighting Design for Art Galleries

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“Beautiful elegant lighting, exactly how I wanted the light for my art installation!” – Koo Jeong A – Korean Cultural Center Artist of the Year 2016.

The remarkable lighting design improvements provided a well-balanced and positive experience for the visitors when viewing the artwork on display. We fitted new art gallery track lighting in a grid layout. This provided the flexibility to accommodate the bespoke conservation lighting design. By adopting this lighting methodology we provide great lighting design solutions and to a limited budget.

Next time more lighting improvements will be made comprising of additional art gallery track lighting and fixtures. Watch this space!

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If you have any lighting requirements or just need some advice on how to light your museum exhibition or gallery successfully, feel free to contact us for some useful tips. For further details about this contemporary lighting design art gallery project, you can explore:

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