Lighting Design Consultancy

Museum And Gallery Lighting + Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural Lighting Designers

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting design or commercial lighting can either make or break the spaces we work, rest, shop or play in. For this reason it is important to get the building lighting design right first time.

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Museum and Art Gallery Lighting

From museum concept design to fully documented museum lighting design, our passion is to deliver an unparalleled lighting design service that focuses on achieving the best possible museum and gallery lighting solutions.

Architectural Lighting Design

Exterior Lighting

Our independent lighting design practice offers a professional exterior lighting design service. In a team environment we produce effective illumination design solutions for outdoor spaces.

Energy Efficient Lighting Design

Energy Efficient Lighting

Through extensive researched and development, our independent lighting consultants adopt the most beneficial and modern lighting technologies from around the globe, to generate energy efficient lighting solutions.

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Creative Day Lighting

Our lighting company provides a complete lighting service, from local London residential lighting projects to international renowned architectural lighting schemes in UAE, Belgium, NY, Kenya and many other international locations.

Famous Lighting Design

Conceptual Lighting

We fully comprehend the importance light plays. Our technical comprehension transforms our lighting concepts into wonderful environmentally friendly spaces to enjoy. When it comes to creative lighting design, we set no boundaries.

Expert Lighting Interiors

Interior Lighting

We offer an innovative approach in our interior lighting schemes with an emphasis on creativity and sustainability. Our lighting consultants brainstorm interior lighting ideas and lighting concepts all the way through to the visualisation and completion of wonderful interior spaces.

Interior Lighting Concepts

Reception Lighting

Here first impressions count. Reception lighting should be exactly right to enhance the atmosphere, discreetly welcome the visitor. Additionally it should instill a lasting sense of well-being. Our design studio creates contemporary reception lighting solutions for many City of London developments.

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DMX Lighting + DALI Lighting

Our independent lighting designers work with lighting manufactures and technical staff to provide exciting and beautiful lighting with the very highest quality of light control. With the use of (DALI) Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and DMX lighting controls, we can make unbelievable lighting concepts a reality.