Lighting spaces beautifully with skill and precision

exterior lighting ideas

Architectural lighting design or commercial lighting has the undervalued power to enrich or break the spaces we work, rest, shop or enjoy. It is essential to get the building lighting design at the very start.

Good lighting is able to create drama, highlight and enhance on voluminous levels. If you formulate this incorrect, the opposite is true and the ripple effects will be experienced by individuals and organisations.

The aim of great architectural lighting design is to achieve inspirational and sustainable lighting solutions that are synchronized with the main principles of the building, being interior or exterior.

Our lighting design firm delivers aesthetically pleasing, award winning and innovative architectural lighting design schemes. Our design schemes  meet the design brief and correctly enhance the building or space.

museum and gallery lighting

From conceptual museum designs to detailed documented museum lighting design, our passion is to provide unparalleled lighting design services. Our design ethos is to deliver the best possible museum and art gallery lighting solutions.

Our work methodology is to inspire at every single design stage by fusing innovative lighting design ideas, revolutionary lighting technologies into environments that connect, educate and inspire.

A talented lighting designer is able to comprehend the complexities of light and formulate the appropriate lighting elements to produce something truly special. Explore the portfolio >>

Our lighting projects range from lighting privately owned art to large renowned international and British museums.

exterior lighting design solutions

Our independent lighting design practise offers a professional exterior lighting service. In a team environment we produce effective illumination design solutions for outdoor spaces.

Working closely with the client, our design team research their lighting design requirements, thus obtaining a clear vision with professional integrity and creative flair.An outdoor space which is beautifully lit can entertain, offer tranquillity and enrich visitor experiences. Due to our extensive lighting design experience within both the commercial and museum world, our lighting designers are able to mix and match state of the art solutions to maximise impact, function and energy efficiency.

Our exterior lighting design services include: playout planning, led lighting, up-lighting, spotlighting, landscape lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting.

Energy Efficient Lighting Design

Our designers are constantly adapting and improving the way we integrate energy savings into our creative lighting ideas. In this highly environmentally-friendly focus world, we are always progressing to deliver the latest eco-friendly design solutions.

We do this by endlessly investigation, researching and developing our lighting design methodology. This method allows our lighting design consultants to implement the most beneficial ecological lighting technologies across the globe.

By decreasing heat gain and UV from light sources, our designers evolve green lighting solutions to lower power consumption and re-lamping to just 10 to 15 years.

Our lighting design solutions are environmentally friendly and where possible, responsibly sourced. The aspiration of our team is to create great environmentally friendly lighting design schemes, with the smallest possible impact on the environment and maximum impact on value.

exhibition lighting designers

Our in house team of professional exhibition lighting design specialist, deliver best value exhibition lighting solutions for exhibition stands, trade shows, temporary exhibitions and traveling exhibitions, retail, commercial exhibitions and permanent gallery exhibitions.
Great exhibition lighting can really define spaces, invite visitors and enhance objectives.

We have worked all over the world, designing display lighting concepts to complex exhibition track lighting projects whilst introducing new sustainable lighting technologies throughout.

Due to our proficiency within the museum exhibit sector, our lighting designers are especially conscious of the conversation and preservation requirements a lighting project may necessitate. We will make your exhibition stand out from the crowd.

display cases lighting design

Almost all showcase manufactures offer display showcase lighting solutions without really understanding fully how to control light, UV, heat, light levels or colour rendering.

Our lighting design experts are often called into assist museums after they have taken delivery of their new display showcases. This is for the reason that the lighting just isn’t up to the task of displaying objects with that delicate touch. Efficient display lighting should bring the object to life but still provide respect and duty of care.

The display lighting solutions we offer are totally flexible, cost effective and adapt the latest technologies in conservation to light artifacts beautifully.

Many international museums and art galleries have benefited from our expertise; we are passionate to deliver beyond expectations for all our clients.

interior lighting design

Our lighting designers create stylish and timeless interior lighting solutions that express the client’s individualism.
We deliver an innovative approach in our interior lighting schemes the emphasis on creativity and sustainability.

Our lighting design consultants brainstorm interior lighting ideas and lighting concepts all the way through to the completion of spectacular interior spaces.Effective interior lighting design is able to create moods, characterize and enrich a space on so many different altitudes.

From decorative lighting design  through to accent lighting, light has the power to make or break the spaces we live in.

lighting designers london

With over 20 years of experience our lighting design studio has developed a real passion to generate sophisticated and sustainable conceptual lighting design schemes. The mission of our lighting team is to develop a solid, accurate lighting design concept allowing the light to seamlessly amalgamate with the architectural space.

Through extensive research we incorporate the latest lighting design technologies. Our lighting designers have been fortunate to work with many international museums, corporate clients and architects worldwide, delivering inspirational lighting design services and projects.
We fully understand the paramount importance light plays and our technical knowledge translate your lighting ideas into esteemed environmentally friendly spaces to enjoy.

residential lighting designers

We have been requested by many residential clients to give lighting design advice. Furthermore, we re-design existing lighting schemes or when new build, undertake a complete residential lighting design project.

Residential lighting reveals a fluent corporation between function, flexibility, sustainability, as well as providing a positive home feeling and well-being aspect.

Our main role, as professional lighting designers, is to create the best possible lighting design scheme for your individual space. Our company offers an array of lighting design services to suit your needs, aspirations and budget. In a team environment, we listen, brainstorm and unravel lighting design solutions that tick all your boxes.

lighting design concept

Here first impressions count. Reception lighting should be exactly right to enhance the atmosphere, discreetly welcome the visitor. Additionally it should instill a lasting sense of well-being. Our design studio creates contemporary reception lighting solutions for many City of London developments.

lighting designers

Irrespective of the circumstance and environment, with the use of (DALI) Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and DMX lighting controls. We make unbelievable lighting a reality.

Being independent from any lighting manufactures allows our lighting designers to select the best solutions for your project. Our lighting team have worked with lighting manufactures and technical staff across the globe to provide exciting and beautiful lighting.

If you have idea,we can turn this conceptual spark in to a reality that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

lighting design companies

Our lighting company provides a complete lighting service, from local London residential lighting projects to international renowned architectural lighting schemes in UAE, Belgium, NY, Kenya and many other international locations.