Lighting For Museums and Art Galleries

Sophisticated Lighting Design

Our lighting designers have been busy on the lighting of several museum, exhibition and art gallery design projects.

In a team environment we develop sophisticated lighting design schemes for museums, exhibitions and art galleries worldwide. Working alongside the curatorial and museum team, we are devoted to achieve the best possible art gallery and museum lighting.

We offer conservation lighting design solutions that light art on display beautifully. With over 20 years of experience we fully comprehend the museum lighting techniques and conservation skills required to ensure preservation of valuable artifacts.  As a result, all artifacts and objects can be viewed in all their splendor whilst  minimising risk. For example: led lighting schemes offer a high-end value, as well as being an energy-efficient solution.

Lighting design plays the underestimated vital role that can make or break visual interests. Good lighting design highlights visual displays and has the power to enrich visitor experiences.

The well-being factor of the lighting environment must also be taken into account. A successful lighting scheme has to strengthen visual stimulation and elongate visitor engagement.

Museum Exhibition Lighting Design

We have lit both permanent and temporarily museum exhibitions (recent examples). Each has its unique lighting design requirements and guidelines to effectively maximise the impact of the objects on display. Our comprehensive lighting services offer a full and flexible solution.

Furthermore we make sure our lighting for museums and art galleries is energy-efficient and cost effective. The lighting systems in museums and art galleries needs to incorporate an efficient balance between engagement, visibility and function.

museum lighting design

Through continual research we inject the latest sustainable lighting technologies into our lighting schemes resulting in green and skilfully lit museum displays.

By transforming creative lighting concepts into detailed technical specifications, we are able to light art to an unparalleled specialist standard.

Good lighting design comes down to a clever calculation of carefully selected components and requirements, allowing everyday spaces to morph into enjoyable visitor experiences.