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Achieving the Invisible Museum Exhibition Displaycase

museum display cases

Join us on a Museum Exhibition Showcase journey of discovery looking at the many processes it takes to produce perfect display cases.

Museum Display Cases: Acrylic or Glass

Museum Exhibition Display Cases Part 4 Acrylic or Glass Museum Display Cases So it is time to answer the question you have wanted to know since (part 3) Invisible Museum Display Cases or maybe you

Museum Exhibition Invisible Showcases

Museum Exhibition Invisible Showcases Part 3 In part of one of this blog series we already touched on the goal of invisible museum display cases / vitrines in this the third article we return to the same

Museum Exhibition Display Showcases or Vitrines ?

Museum Exhibition Display Showcases Part 2 So is that Vitrines or Showcases? Ok so you have a new exhibition, museum or visitor center that requires new glass display showcases or acrylic vitrines. Now if you were paying

Museum Exhibition Display Cases

Museum Exhibition Display Cases Part 1:  Introduction Achieving the invisible museum exhibition display-case or display vitrines has long been the aspiration or goal of museum designers, architects, curators and showcase manufactures. They all have a shared vision to

Museum Display Cases Design

Alongside the core museum exhibition design services, my team and I also deliver museum showcase design and museum display case solutions. Our museum exhibition design consultants can advise you on both the advantages and disadvantages of glass or acrylic display cases. Museum showcases are a vital and expensive element of any museum exhibition display, yet one which should completely disappear from the visitors’ vision, to achieve the perfect museum display.

Our designs for showcases incorporate micro climate controls, virtually invisible shelf supports, fibre optic lighting and LED lighting along with a plethora of other bespoke design options. These sustainable and unique display solutions are seamlessly woven into traveling exhibit designs, touring exhibitions and permanent museum exhibition design projects.

Our aim is to design a displaycase that is flexible, minimal and creates an invisible connection between the objects on display and the eye of the visitor. Our creative designers have successfully built up partnerships with museums and private art collectors across the globe. From the initial meeting all the way through the installation process, our project management skills and attention to detail assure the best value museum display case solutions.

Museum Display Cases Services

  • Display case consultancy advice
  • Glass museum display cases
  • Acrylic museum display cases
  • Micro-climate control showcases
  • LED showcase lighting
  • Fibre optic showcase lighting
  • UV – Infrared – Inert Protective Showcases
  • Sustainable display cases
  • Bespoke showcase design
  • Private art collections
  • Gallery display cases
  • Museum showcase lighting
  • Shelving and support systems
  • Antique / fine art display cabinets
  • Vitrines
  • Project management
museum display cases