Simon Morris

Lighting + Museum Exhibit Designer

museum exhibition designer


Over the past 20 years I have been working as a museum exhibit designer across the globe on over more than 300 creative design projects. There is nothing quite like handling an object that was once in a famous collection, whether contemporary or from an ancient civilization. It never stops bringing up the hairs on the back of my neck when making these tactile connections with history.

Furthermore I also design effective and flexible lighting design solutions and schemes that use some of the most up-to-date lighting techniques for conservation art gallery lighting and architectural lighting design schemes.

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If you would like to explore more about museum exhibition design and lighting design, I suggested you take a look at my creative design blog which is frequently updated with the latest news, designer updates and some (hopefully) useful articles about various design topics.

About the Author:

Simon Morris is the director of the design firm Simon Morris Associates. Due to his work with museums and private collectors, he is one of only two individuals globally that brings together this level of art + design experience. Simon Morris is a perfectionist who provides excellence in design, lighting, conservation and associate disciplines.