Museum exhibition designer Simon Morris

300+ international museum exhibition design & lighting design projects

The design studio embarks on each individual element of a creative design project.

museum exhibition designer

With a team of multi-disciplined exhibition designers, we have been designing exhibitions to the highest standard for +20 years.

We provide a comprehensive exhibition design service for museums, cultural exhibitions, art galleries, expos, visitor spaces, foundations and commercial venues.

Our international project locations range from London through to the Middle East.

museum design companies

Our museum design philosophy is to insert life into every single story we tell. From privately owned art galleries to international museum complexes, we maximise audience exposure to the fullest whilst engaging the complete experience.

I have worked, as a museum exhibition designer, closely with many curators across the globe. My team and I comprehend the complexity of museum planning and strategies that lead to forming a successful master plan.

museum graphics design

When designing graphics for museums or exhibitions, our aim is to immediately catch the eye of the visitor. With appropriate content and striking graphic designs we draw the visitor in to explore more about the object or subject on display.

Museum graphics invite a positive interaction from the audience, whilst send a clear defined message.

museum and art gallery lighting

The mission of our lighting designers is to deliver an inimitable lighting design service that focuses on realising the best possible museum and gallery lighting design solutions.

From conceptual lighting design to fully documented museum lighting design schemes, our expert team incorporates the very latest museum conservation lighting techniques to transform interior spaces into memorable experiences where stories come to life.

architectural lighting design

Architectural lighting or commercial lighting design has the underestimated power to define or spoil the spaces and environments around us. Furthermore, when it comes to the execution of effective architectural lighting, it’s vital to get the building lighting design spot on.

Having worked with some of the largest property developers in London and abroad, we comprehend the skills and delicate balance of bringing individual features of each architectural project meticulously together.

museum exhibitions interior design

Museum Interiors

Having worked on many local and global museum interiors our designers comprehend museum interior designs are more than only exhibitions, art or collections.

When transforming museum or exhibition spaces our methodology is to develop a detailed visualisation. We look through the eyes of the visitor whilst logically linking all the significant components and expertise. This way we are able to develop museum interiors that are fit for purpose, flexible and above all, memorable.

visitor centre designers

We deliver visitor centre design solutions that combine aesthetics and function seamlessly. From the initial visitor centre design concept, through to the opening day of your visitor centre or tourist information centre design, our attention to detail is key.

Additionally, our in-house team of creative designers have worked on various heritage sites and educational centres both here in the UK as well as internationally.

exhibition designers

Our cross-disciplinary design consultancy is renowned for the development and design of many national and international heritage design projects.
We offer a comprehensive range of heritage consultancy services to heritage trusts, museums, churches, cultural institutions and distinguished foundations. Each heritage design project we undertake received the utmost attention to detail alongside the professional skills required to achieve a successful project delivery.

creative museum designers

When it comes down to good creative design our design company delivers wide-ranging creative design services across the globe.
From lighting artifacts, making mounts through to master planning grand museum complexes, our creative design team embark on every design project with the utmost attention to detail. Our passion is to deliver creative design projects to the highest standard.

My Passion

There is nothing quite like handling an object that was once in a famous collection. Whether contemporary or from an ancient civilization, it never stops bringing up the hairs on the back of my neck when making these tactile connections with history.

There is always a story to be told

It is my job, as a museum exhibition designer, to inject life into every story. You should experience and enjoy your story from ceaseless corners beyond its surrounding space. Through communicating layers of information with creative, safe and meaningful context, stories can unfold. Therefore, as a result, leaving the visitor to simply want more whilst exploring beyond the norm.