Museum Exhibition Display Showcases

Part 2

So is that Vitrines or Showcases?

Ok so you have a new exhibition, museum or visitor center that requires new glass display showcases or acrylic vitrines. Now if you were paying attention you might have noticed that I can’t make up my mind whether to write museum display showcases or exhibition vitrines or both? The reason for that is that, in the UK, we tend to call showcases made from glass “museum display showcases”. If theses showcases are made from acrylic like Plexiglas or Perspex they seem to then be called “display vitrines”.

Now I hear you say not always and you would be right but it does seem to be the case more often than not. However, if you are in Europe and normally in the USA they tend to use the term vitrines whether the showcases are made from acrylic or glass. The main land Europeans will use both when speaking with anybody from the UK, well that’s been my experience to date. The bottom line is that both are correct just vitrine originates from the French language.

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If you would like to find out more about  museum exhibition display showcases in further detail you can contact us with your queries or visit the Museum Display Cases page with a full list of showcase and museum display cases design services. Why not read my other 3 blogs on Museum Display Cases containing further information. All details are listed below.

Achieving the invisible museum exhibition display showcases or exhibit display vitrines has long been the aspiration or goal of museum designers, curators and showcase manufactures. They all have a shared vision to display and communicate every day items along with extraordinary exhibits in their purest form without restriction or barrier. {read more}

The process of achieving a successful museum or exhibition design  showcases, build and installation is not created in isolation or a vacuum. It requires a team of dedicated professionals all working together to create something which is far more than the sum of its parts. Nevertheless it is how other details are designed, engineered and executed which determines whether the display showcase is truly invisible to the individual. {read more}

So it is time to answer the question you have wanted to know since (part 3) Invisible Museum Display Cases or maybe you have been trawling the internet in the mean time for the definitive answer to “what are the best materials to make museum display showcases from”. Well the answer is both; it just depends on your own individual set of circumstances that will determine what’s right for your museum, exhibition or display project. {read more}

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