Museum Exhibition Invisible Showcases

Part 3

In part of one of this blog series we already touched on the goal of invisible museum display cases / vitrines in this the third article we return to the same subject of museum exhibition invisible showcases and how to achieve this.

The process of achieving a successful museum or exhibition showcase design, build and installation is not created in isolation or a vacuum. It requires a team of dedicated professionals all working together to create something which is far more than the sum of its parts. Nevertheless it is how other details are designed, engineered and executed which determines whether the display showcase is truly invisible to the individual.

Now depending on your role will greatly determine where you step on this display showcase journey? Let’s say for this blog it’s from the exhibition organizers stand point that has been given the task of housing a new, existing or traveling collection.

Once the first ideas are formed or pen is put to paper, this is the time to involve a specialist museum designer specializing in museum display showcase design. I have to be honest there are not many of us out there; in fact you count them on the fingers of one hand and only two if you want to include in your showcases eco lighting design that delivers quality lighting solutions. One of my own crusades is for museum display cases to have elegant, flexible and strong shelving which visually floats in mid-air with no physical support.  Yes it’s possible and with the added bonus that when the shelving is removed there is no sign that either supports or shelving were ever there.

No more of those clumsy triangular brackets that look like they should be holding up your garage shelving, not priceless artefacts. The museum designer should sit down with you and work through your wish list and goals for the project given insight as you progress finally allowing him to produce concept design that will realize yours and the projects expectations

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