museum lighting design

Museum Lighting Design – Displaying Artefacts with Minimum Risk


With 20+ years of experience, we have worked on bespoke gallery and museum lighting design projects worldwide. With an emphasis on conservation lighting, we light artefacts beautifully through maximum impact and minimum risk. Our clients include national and international museums, art galleries, private collectors and historical sites.

Museum lighting is a delicate formula of preservation and illumination, whilst creating a sensory environment that engages the eye. Museum lighting has the task to present artefacts with memorable wow-factor whilst ensuring the risk on display is of the utmost minimum. Therefore our technical design expertise allows us to implement museum lighting schemes that are a bespoke and flexible solution. For a more technical insight of lighting design, you can explore our lighting blog. In addition, you can also explore some photographs of our latest gallery and museum lighting projects below.

Right the way through the design process, our lighting designers ensure that every curatorial and conservation necessity is met. Our methodology offers expertise, detailed implementation and enhancement in lighting.

“Museum Lighting Design is a Delicate Formula of Preservation and Illumination”


Museum Lighting Services

Artefact lighting
Conservation lighting
Control of ambient lighting
Display case lighting
Gallery lighting
Led showcase lighting
Light level monitoring
Measuring UV levels
Museum led lighting
Museum lux levels
Permanent collection lighting
Private collection lighting
Solar gain control
Sustainable museum lighting
Temporary exhibition lighting