Museum Methodology + Master-planning

The Top 10 Steps Of The Museum Exhibit Design Process

The initial step of our museum methodology is to set up a consultation meeting with the client. This allows us to assess all projects goals and expectations. Additionally the museum design team makes a flying start on collecting all the necessary info and evaluating resources.

Next a feasibility study takes place. We present a detailed study that delivers a market and financial analysis, as well as insights and projections. Designers, architects and management all greatly benefit from the guidance presented in the study. For more details please contact our team.

With a cross-disciplinary design of experts we conceptualize contemporary museum exhibit design ideas that formulate a solid and tailored strategy. By developing interpretation and audience engagement our team produce renowned museum exhibit concept designs.

These conceptual design outline and display a precise impression of individual spaces where stories develop, making sure all principle content of the design assignment (visitor flow, museum graphics, artifacts, interactive museum display etc.) are giving clear illustrated areas and descriptions.

Thereby introducing an unmistakable vision of what will be shown in the completed museum exhibit design project.

It’s vital to integrate (where possible) all sustainable museum design elements as into the museum exhibition design process, as early as possible. As museum designers we have the duty of care to ensure our designs and guidelines are environmentally compliant. Through extensive research, we adopt innovative green initiatives, standards and technologies from across the globe.
A thorough breakdown of design is produced in an Excel spread sheet format to check and evaluate that these are in accordance with client’s budgetary requirements.
The next step is to evaluate and analyse which contractor provides “best value” for the museum design project. Best value equates to the compromise between time, quality and expense, this does not always mean the least expensive cost.
From museum concept to “grand opening” completion, the design team project manage the project from concept stage, supervision of manufacture to the final flourish of completion ensuring exceptional quality and best value museum design solutions.
Full detail designs are provided as a comprehensive package that includes detail of the total museum design, overall layout design drawings (plans, elevations and cross-sections) and associated database files; including production & project schedules, construction museum methodology and location of each element.
Installation is one of the most import parts of the of the design process. We feel our attention to detail, construction experience and know-how assists in getting the very highest quality from each of the projects contractors.

We visit each of the fit out contractors and specialist consultants prior to any works starting on site. This allows us to check that designs are being strictly adhered to or if there is a problem to resolve it at this early stage rather than leaving a nasty surprise for once installation is underway.

This hands on approach allows clients to relax, knowing that the project will be delivered on time, budget and to the highest quality when the museum or exhibition opens.

Here we produce a detailed snagging list of any faults and details that require to be rectified prior to the handover.

After quality snagging, the museum design project or visitor experience is completed. Excellence in design, client satisfaction and audience engagement is assured.
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Museum Methodology

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