Museum Workshops

Don’t wait too long to get a museum designer on board for new build museum or renovation project.

I am often asked when is the right time to bring a museum designer on to a project. My answer is very simple, as soon as possible and funding allows. Even if this is just to check that what you have done so far. Is the project going in the right direction with no obvious elements being over looked?

This small investment can save you so much time. Additionally it also focus the team on the right path, motivate and bring together parties to agree the best way forward for the museum project.

We all know that sometimes you can just be too close to a project and can’t see the wood for the trees. Not only does a museum designer come from a different direction to the task of designing an exhibition but they will have crossed many of the same bridges the novice will start to encounter all through the museum exhibition design process.

Getting some of these elements wrong can be a very costly exercise or at best be a real disappoint on opening day.

The solution:

We offer to museum staff unique museum workshops, which takes you through each step of the design process. These museum workshops have proven to be successful and highly praised by HLF for applications. To accommodate the sixth year running we have increased capacity.

Our museum workshops are run at your location and are very flexible. They accommodate all interested parties from within the museum / organisation and shareholders alike. At the end of the museum workshops the museum team are united in a common goal and everyone knows what their part will be in the delivery process. After you have used the museum workshop method you wonder why anyone would do it any other way!