Persian art exhibition design

Persian Art Exhibition Design & Lighting Design


The Iranian art gallery CAMA (Contemporary and Modern Art) uniquely represents an array of Persian artists. CAMA decided to announce their arrival on the London art scene with an opening event at the prestigious Café Royal Hotel’s Pompadour ballroom in London, Piccadilly.

CAMA gallery contacted us prior to the event to delivery art lighting design. Our consultancy services evolved into providing further exhibition layout design and installation supervision. From the initial meeting with Hotel Café Royal, it was evident that due to the ballrooms ornate interior it wasn’t conceivable to attach any fixings or lighting to the ceiling or walls.

Therefore the team decided to display the 29 Persian contemporary paintings on the finest art easels.  We used two easels for the larger Persian paintings, to accommodate its vast proportions. The one bronze sculpture and six beautiful artist books were exhibited in glass display cases which used battery powered LED lighting. This methodology was the only way to add vivacity to the Persian art objects on display.

On the day, the installation of the Persian art exhibition went simply flawless.

For the lighting of the Persian paintings 40 graphic light arm fixtures were purchased. These arms could easily be attached to the easels and were fitted with special LED lamps. The LED lamps provided a warm white light to complement the Persian art works. Furthermore, this took into consideration the warm chandelier lighting of the ballroom.

We also produced 1:10 scale prints with dimensions and images of the Parisian art. This mock-up allowed us to make swift changes to the exhibition layout whilst providing an innovative exhibition solution.

On the day, the installation of the Persian art exhibition went flawless.  Numerous art dealers, collectors and scholars attended this  Persian exhibition event. For a summary of the project details explore the portfolio.


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