Project Description

art exhibition lighting design

Art Exhibition Lighting for The Korean Cultural Centre in London

A Korean Avant-Garde Performance Archive Exhibition: “Rehearsals”. This exhibition explores the development of a specifically Korean performance history.

Project Information

  • Retro Gallery Lighting Design and Retro-fitting
  • Light Focusing
  • Art Exhibition Lighting Design
  • Contemporary Art and Performance Lighting
  • Lighting design for The Korean Cultural Centre in London
  • Track mounted in a modular grid formation for high quality lighting design
  • Correct position of track ratio between ceiling height and walls
  • 120 fittings used
  • LEDS use with honeycomb filters and dimming
  • Area of galleries used different  lamp colour temperature throughout exhibition galleries for delineation
  • Fitting of anti-glare snoots – improved comfort for visitors eyes
  • Contemporary creative exhibition lighting design for solo artist show
  • Filters to change angle of lamp temperature where required
  • Filters to change shape of beam
  • Light levels set not to abuse art on show
  • Light levels monitored
  • Art work positioned to link art on display in a meaning full chronological order
  • Explore the entire project details on the exhibition design blog
  • Korean Cultural Centre UK is located in London City – UK