Project Description

kim yong-ik artist

Kim Yong-ik “I Believe My Works Are Still Valid” Exhibition

Kim Yong-ik 40 year career as an artist, activist and teacher has had a profound impact on the Korean modern art history.

Project Information

  • Exhibition Design Layout
  • Independent Lighting Design
  • Gallery Lighting Design
  • Decant of Previous Lighting Installation
  • Exact Positioning of Lighting Installation
  • Art Exhibition Lighting Design
  • Contemporary Art Lighting
  • Light Focusing
  • Consultation with artist for individual requirements
  • Work in Progress and Installation Images: Exhibition Lighting
  • Lighting consultancy for The KCC UK in London
  • Track mounted in a modular grid formation for high quality lighting design
  • Correct position of track ratio between celling height and walls
  • 147 light fittings with 36 degree 5000K (cool white) LED lamps
  • Honeycomb filters fitted where light directed in the path of oncoming visitors vision
  • Contemporary creative exhibition lighting design for solo artist show by Kim Yong-ik
  • Light levels monitored
  • Art on display into continuous installation
  • The exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre was opened by his Excellency Joonkook Hwang the Korean Ambassador to the UK and Janet Bradley the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media & Sport
  • Explore the entire project details on the exhibition design blog
  • Korean Cultural Centre UK is located in London City – UK