Project Description

creative exhibition lighting design

Creative Exhibition Lighting for KCC Open Call Exhibition 2017

Yeji Kim, winner of the KCC UK 2017 Open Call Exhibition, presents her first ever solo show in the London, UK.

Project Information

  • Independent Lighting Design
  • Retro Gallery Lighting and Retro-fitting
  • Light Focusing
  • Art Lighting Specialist
  • Modern Art Lighting
  • Lighting design for The Korean Cultural Centre in London.
  • Great increase in the amount of lighting track in the art galleries
  • Track mounted in a modular grid formation for high quality lighting design
  • Correct position of track ratio between ceiling height and walls
  • Increased light fittings from 40 to 120
  • Retro fitting of halogen lamps to LEDS
  • Consistence of  lamp colour temperature throughout exhibition galleries
  • Fitting of anti-glare snoots – improved comfort for visitors eyes
  • Contemporary creative exhibition lighting design for solo artist show
  • Filters to change angle of lamp and colour temperature where required
  • Explore the entire project details on the exhibition design blog
  • Korean Cultural Centre UK is located in London City – United Kingdom