Project Description

exhibit design consultant

The Science of Happiness Exhibit Design

Exhibit design consultancy for: The Science of Happiness Exhibition Design + Event

Project Information

Our exhibition design consultants were contacted by Chinmaya UK charity whom were planning an exhibition and event day.

  • Exhibition design consultancy
  • Exhibition concept design
  • Lighting, graphic design and visitor flow advice
  • Exhibit design on a micro budget
  • Initial exhibition design consultation meeting: suggesting several potentials to deliver The Science of Happiness Exhibition according to the unique message of Swami Chinmayananda.
  • The exhibition design concept steered the visitors around the outer exhibit, provoked by questions and low tech interactive designs in order to make people think about happiness. For example: whist entering the exhibition space, the visitor would be confronted with a simple mirror surrounded by famous quotes. This mirror reflected the powerful message that happiness is within you.
  • London, United Kingdom