Top 10 Sustainable Design Ingredients:

  • Exhibition showcases that use no mains power from the buildings supply to light the internal art objects and can be positioned anywhere without the need for clumsy or inconvenient electrical connection points.
  • Museum & retail design where the visitor flow provides a sustainable energy source which reduces the buildings carbon footprint and running cost.
  • Exhibition stands designed to use environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced and recycled materials with low toxins. We produce designs that permit the simple adjustment of the stands construction. This approach adapts for reuse rather than being destroyed after each event.
  • We use installation contractors located close to project sites. Consequently saving dramatically on transport of both materials and people. These little steps all of which contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Interior designs that use many of the principles above but also ensure products are from responsibly & fairly sourced suppliers.
  • Eco lighting design solutions that lower power consumption reduce heat gain and UV from light sources, with the added advantage of only having to re-lamp every 7 to 10 years.
  • Graphic designs sending all our proof via PDF in an email format and keep paper out where possible. Naturally any paper we do use comes from sustainable resources.
  • Corporate design. We encourage our clients to opt for the Greenest paper possible. This option is totally chlorine free (TFC) or tree-free paper (for example Hemp).
  • Sustainable design solutions aim at designs that last. Furthermore they explore environmental impact, plan sustainable designs with a smaller footprint, use nontoxic materials …
  • Walk the Walk I am continuously looking out for new sustainable design methodology, energy saving measures & renewable technology to implement within my designs.