Visitor Centre Design

Having worked on visitor centres in the UK and internationally, has provided our design team with additional expertise over exhibition or museum design alone ,which is much more constrained by conservation criteria.

We think it is essential to incorporate recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible. This method allows us to ensure the approach is environmental friendly, flexible and as a result the best value design solution. Therefore the sustainable material path adds value without compromising on aesthetics or cost of the final visitor centre designs.

By conveying detailed levels of information with creative, interactive and meaningful context, experiences and emotions can unfold and develop.

The goal is to create engaging and interactive visitor centre design solutions that wow visitors. Additionally we generate a real and healthy atmosphere and visitor experience. Combine this with an extensive experience designing marketing suits as well as branding and you attain the recipe for producing engaging visitor centres which visitors truly enjoy and recommend.

From our first design meeting, all the way through to the opening day of your visitor centre, my passion is to instill attention to detail in each part of your visitor centre project.

Visitor Centre Design Consultancy Services

  • master-planning
  • interpretation
  • feasibility studies
  • audience development
  • concept design
  • detailed design
  • graphic design
  • branding
  • project delivery
  • sustainable design